Mozika Potatoes

Mozika Potatoes have highest consumer potential and is the vegetable which is not in any sense any less nutritious or delicious. It has a huge amount of admirers present in every age group. It is used in almost every genre of food, from junk food to traditional healthy food. The iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, and zinc based potatoes are imported and exported from Pakistan in great rates and with amazing facilities. Multi Rock Salt is well known for the export of best quality of Mozika Express potatoes.

Our Mozika Potatoes are from fresh crops of current season, we are exporting this high quality clean Mozika Potatoes, available in variable sizes from 8 to 10 cm & more.  Weight of Mozika ranges from 80 grams & above and have thick peal. We are ranked on top by offering the best quality of Mozika Potato, which is known for its remarkable finish and quality.