Crystal Salt – Rocks and Halites

Preparation of crystal salt brine

Place some crystal salt rocks in a small glass jar, (with lid) and cover 2/3 of the rocks with water. After several hours you will have a saturated salt solution with a salt content of approx. 26%. At this stage the salt crystals will not dissolve any further and the concentration will stay the same. Now you can use the brine. As the salt diminishes, add more crystal salt rocks and water. The brine is totally sterile and free of harmful bacteria and therefore can be kept in a closed glass jar for many years without deteriorating.

Brine Drink Therapy
The daily consumption of natural crystal salt brine can be invaluable to our bodies. Use a drop or up to a teaspoon, of the brine in a glass of water. Drink this on a regular basis on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The amount of intake is not as important as the regularity.

Some benefits include:

  • supplying the body with the natural energy stored in the crystals, which the
  • body can hold for  up to 24 hours
  • improving the body’s PH balance
  • cleansing the intestines
  • dissolving and eliminating sediments which can lead to kidney and gall bladder stones and various forms of   rheumatism like arthritis
  • normalising blood pressure

Crystal Salt – Fine & coarse

Use as table salt and for your salt grinder, a healthy natural salt alternative. It contains 88 of the possible 94 natural elements in a specific tiny particle size (colloidal size), readily available to be absorbed by our body cells. This is important because our cells can only absorb what is available organically or ionic-colloidal.