Would it be nice if when taking a bath, it will not only clean the outside of your body but also inside? Well, that would be a perfect bath. Most of us are conscious about our physical appearance especially with our skin. And unlike the ordinary bath that we take everyday which can actually remove moisture from our skin, a Himalayan Salt Bath moisturizes our skin by allowing water to be absorbed at the upper layer of our skin. So to help you in having a beautiful skin and healthier body, you can try the Himalayan Salt Bath. To have a detoxifying Himalayan Salt bath, you need to maintain a one percent solution. This means that if you will be using a tub in taking a bath, you can add 1200 grams of crystal salt in a hundred liters of water (with 37 degree Celsius). Refrain from using any soap, shampoo, oil or any products that you are using

when taking a bath. Then stay in the tub (with the solution) for 30 minutes. Afterward, just use a towel to dry off your body and never rinse it off with normal water. It is also advisable that you go to bed and rest for about 30 minutes.

You also create Himalayan Salt Bath which is used for therapy purposes. Start by placing Himalayan Crystal Salt in a glass or any container until it’s filled up. Then pour purified or natural spring water until the container is full. Allow the salt to be dissolved in the water. This may take about a day so be sure that you place the solution in a clean area and you can also opt to place a cover on the container. The next day, check if all salts have been completely dissolved and

add more if no traces of crystal salt can be seen in the solution. The sole is ready to be used when the water can no longer dissolve the salt crystal so you would notice them at the bottom of the container. You can continue using the process by adding water and Himalayan Crystal salt in the container since the solution is free from germs and disinfected. It can also be stored for many years in a tightly closed container. Now you can use the solution in cooking your favorite menu, drinking it with water or breathing with steam inhalation.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Bath

There are many benefits you can get from a Himalayan salt solution. It can be a relaxing and soothing effect for your body. The bath will also make your skin cleaner and smoother which will make you look young and feel good about yourself. Additionally, it has healing effects on foot fungus, wounds, skin
Besides using Himalayan salt solution for bathing, a correct salt solution of Himalayan bath can sooth some common discomforts or diseases that a person might have. For those that usually have problems with their throats, try to use the sole as a gargle but don not swallow the solution. Then you can also try putting the solution in a pouch to get rid of headache or motion sickness. You can also use it as eardrops as a treatment for ear infections or facial scrub to heal acne. There are a more benefits that you can personally experience from using Himalayan Baths. Try it now so you can say hello to a healthier life!irritations, insect bites or blisters. It also serves as a therapy to joint diseases such as rheumatism.