The main difference is that Speleotherapy is done deep inside the salt mines, quite naturally without using any medical device or medicines etc. Heliotherapy, unlike Speleotherpy, is conducted in artificially made above ground facilities. Halotherapy, Dry Saline Aerosol Therapy has been developed on the basis of Speleotherapy. Simply microclimate which prevails in salt mines deep underground is being developed artificially .For this matter, special salt rooms are constructed in clinics and wellness center using salt bricks, salt lumps and salt granulate etc. Salt coverings of Halotherapy chamber surfaces is performed chiefly to deliver negative ion environment (like water falls, pine forests, ocean and sea shores). Another major reason is to deliver an aesthetic function for stress reduction, which is a powerful psychological effect contributing to healing Halotherapy enjoys many advantages. Unlike certain other physical therapies. Halotherapy is inherently plausible and a very effective method in treating most of respiratory diseases.

Salt Bricks: In this shape it enable us to construct halo therapy chambers to create the environment akin to those prevail in the mines chambers underneath the ground. This specific environment helps cure the respiratory diseases and provides soothing and relaxing atmosphere to live in.