What is a salt lamp and what are their benefits?

Salt crystal luminaries are made of mineral salt which was created millions of years ago when the seas dried up. Crystalline structures are colored in varying tones of orange by embedded substances such as iron. Salt crystals for salt lamps are mined in Russia , central Europe, Pakistan, as well as in the Himalayan Mountains.

On a day to day basis, we face bad air quality caused by pollution, dust, electric devices, animal fur, pollen, etc. All of this creates positive ions which equals to bad air quality. Once the salt lamp is turned on, the salt lamp will release negative ions by the heating of the light bulb. These negative ions will neutralize the positive ions, therefore creating better air quality.

Salt lamps are highly suitable for daily use at home and in the office. Having a salt lamp around keeps the air quality healthier and cleaner. It is recommended to place salt lamps near electric devices such as television, computer, radio, etc. Best places to place a salt lamp are bed rooms, living rooms, office, dining rooms, and in the hall way.

People with respiratory illnesses such as allergies, bronchitis, and asthma benefits the most from a salt lamp. The negative ions will subside against these effects so you can breathe better and feel healthier. Other benefits a salt lamp provides are increasing energy, reducing stress, sleeping better, reducing headaches, reducing anxiety, increase of concentration, and more.

Placing a salt lamp around cigarette smoke is also very beneficial. These negative ions can break down the cigarette smoke and clears the smell quicker.

The number of negative ions released depends on the size of the salt lamp and the amount of salt lamps available. The larger the salt lamp, the larger radius of the room benefits. Having more salt lamps around can also release more negative ions into the air.

For parents. Kids are usually afraid of the dark and would request for a night light. Replacing a night light with a salt lamp would be the best choice. This will help your child sleep well while improving the air quality at the same time.

Leaving the salt lamp as long as possible is highly recommended. The longer the salt lamp is turned on, the more negative ions is being released. It will not increase your electric bill and as a matter of fact, it is the same as leaving a night light on all day.

People who meditate should also have a salt lamp around them. This would feel very soothing and would definitely help with the meditation.

A salt lamp will never run out of its negative ions, as long as it is being well taken care of. So you can enjoy the good air quality as long as you own one.

Not only does a salt lamp have its benefits, it also provides a nice looking lighting. Placing it in a restaurant, bar, doctor’s office, coffee shops, health clubs, etc. would greatly attract customers. Placing it at home or in the office can be its own decoration.


In other words…

  • Salt lamps makes beautiful lighting.
  • Positive ions created by pollution, electrical devices, cigarette smoke, animals, dust, etc. would be broken down by negative ions released from the salt lamps when the light is on.
  • With the positive ions being broken down, this improves the air quality of the room.
  • It has been proven that salt lamps can help people relieve from allergies, asthma, sinuses, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, other respiratory illnesses, other minor illnesses and even reduce stress.
  • In the long run, these salt lamps can improve our health and even increase our energy.
  • The bigger the salt lamp is, the more radius of the room it covers.
  • A salt lamp uses less energy than a regular lighting.
  • All in all, salt lamps improves air quality, improves health, saves energy, and looks beautiful. Great to give as a gift especially someone who suffers from any respiratory illnesses.

How to care for the salt lamp?

  • Only use the salt lamp indoors. Do not place in a moist room such as bathroom or sauna room.
  • Unplug the salt lamp before cleaning.
  • Never wash the salt lamp with water or any cleaning substances.
  • If the crystal starts to crumble, use a dry brush to remove the particles.
  • Use a dry or damp cloth or towel to remove dust from the salt lamp. If the salt lamp is slightly wet from a damp cloth or towel, dry it with a dry towel. Afterwards, leave the salt lamp turned on for complete drying.
  • Only use suitable bulbs max 15 Watts.